It is embarrassing to observe how racism is growing in certain parts of Germany. For sure many unjust things are happening in our country (and many others) making people feel left behind. This is the ideal breeding ground for populists singling out certain minorities and presenting them as scapegoats. History (and certainly our German history) proves that spreading hatred and dividing people never leads to something good.

Sometimes it takes people with courage to stand up – especially in those areas – and protect our values and core beliefs. Here’s an article (German only) about Martin Neuhof. Martin is a photographer from Leipzig who started a project called “Herzkampf” (Heartfight) where he presents East German everyday people who actively engage in projects for tolerance and respect, against homophobia and racism.

In his video he says: “When I see what currently happens here in the Saxony state … how people have a go at other people … how people are chased down by a mob … spontaneously or not … that’s not my Saxony anymore. […] Most important thing today is to help each other out … to be there for each other … to support each other … showing solidarity … that’s my intention.”

Martins words also come from the bottom of our hearts. With his initiative he not only shines a light for Saxony and East Germany. He shows that hatred and racism have no home in Germany. To us Herzkampf is a soulmate project of Journeys of a skeleton.

Source: (Süddeutsche Zeitung)